GoldFlakePaint "Desert Dust" premiere and Q&A"...the track is both evocative and stirring; a beautiful introduction to a special new talent."

GoldFlakePaint's Anniversary Compilation: "A new compilation to celebrate seven years of GoldFlakePaint. Thanks to the artists and labels for their work and support."

Amaize Mag Interview: "The songs are fascinating and melancholic as they describe emotions and experiences that feel all too personal and intimate. This wouldn't be achieved if it for Burress' soft, surreal vocals that seamlessly weave with the array of acoustic guitar elements within all the five tracks of the EP." 

GoldFlakePaint "Extraordinary Light" Playlist: "Desert Dust" included on the International Women's Day playlist. "Today is International Women’s Day and to celebrate the tireless, iridescent, formidable work that women continue to produce, we’ve put together a playlist of some of our recent favourites. It’s music that speaks to us through the fog of the every-day, urging us to learn and to grow. 

The Deli Magazine: "There are only so many words in the English language to describe something beautiful. Alluring, elegant, divine, bewitching, sublime, but Ali Burress has somehow exhausted my vocabulary with her spellbinding music." 

GoldFlakePaint Sunday Slowdown Episode Eight: "A weekly quiet radio show" 

Banana Stand Media Unpeeled Session: "Ali’s warm yet powerful voice blew us away with image-filled lyricism and a swaying guitar rhythm that hooked us again and again with each verse. Ali’s natural flow through each song made this session truly special, and we can’t wait to show you the other songs she performed!"

KXSU Interview: "Each song is a different part of herself, and she has this way of taking the darkest and loveliest parts of life, and constructing them into melodious harmonies and guitar accompanies."

Gothenburg Sessions: "Lover" included on "Best New Indie 2017" playlist

L'Attimo Fuggente Podcast:  Italian music podcast plays "This is Where" 

Eardrums Music "Best Releases of the Month February 2017": "That voice! I love the warm calm of her voice and the lovely folky melodies on this EP. A great EP to listen to in the early mornings or late nights."

The Permanent Rain Radio: Vancouver-based radio show plays single "This is Where" 

Triste Sunset: Italian music blog featuring "Dwell" 

The Autumn Roses: "A spectral, independent triumph, 'This Is Where' is its blossoming lead track"

Abduction Radiation: LA-based music blog write-up of "Desert Dust". "Her voice has a lightness to it that spreads throughout the track, creating this warmth." 

Adobe and Teardrops: "The gauzy production helps Burress's songs feel inviting. Even as she grapples with change and determining the kind of person she wants to grow into, Dwell is a comforting album. Burress has  nothing left to lose and everything to gain -- as such, these songs are imbued with urgency while simultaneously soothing both the listener and the artist." 

Tracy's EOP: "Desert Dust" included on March 2017 Playlist

Photo: Karney Hatch 

Photo: Karney Hatch 

Photo: Karney Hatch Photography

Photo: Karney Hatch Photography