Love is what inspired Ali to pick up the guitar and start writing her own songs at the age of 14. Inspired by artists Laura Marling, Damien Rice, and Nick Drake, Ali wanted to evoke warmth and serenity with the finger-picked melodies she wrote. She writes all her own lyrics that circulate around nature's power, intuition, and relationship to the muse.

Ali performs with her Guild M-20, but will record her songs with the sounds of her blue Fender Stratocaster, a midi keyboard, a vocal looping processor, and various instruments she finds at thrift stores. Ali's passion for sound-recording has enabled her to explore different textures and landscapes in her songs, ones she would have never discovered by solely performing live. Her most recent release, "Dwell", as well as single "Reconciling" and 5-song EP "This Wind," were written, recorded, and mixed by Ali in her cozy closet nook at home. 

Similar to her visual art, Ali describes finding “homes” within her songs—somewhere she can retreat in order to make sense of all of life's shifting tides. Her sensuously atmospheric recordings transport listeners to serene sonic landscapes, soaring above a sun-soaked valley or, to being a lone swimmer, swayed by the coming and going dance of ocean waves. 

In 2016, Ali experienced a life-altering summer. At the end of July, Ali’s father was run over by a car on I-5. Fortunately, he survived and after spending six weeks in the hospital next to her father’s side, Ali realized that she needed to make the most of her time on this earth. She dropped out of college, moved to Portland, and began doing what she loves most: painting, dancing, meeting other artists and musicians around the city, and writing and recording songs in the comfort of her bedroom. 

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