Inspired by childhood memories of newly fallen snow, chattering crickets in tall grasses, and whispering ocean waves, Ali Burress evokes a similar rhythmic trance and gentleness with the finger-picked melodies she writes. Ali performs with her Guild M-20, but records her songs with the sounds of her blue Fender Stratocaster, midi keyboard, vocal looping processor, and various thrift store instruments. Ali's passion for sound engineering has enabled her to record and mix her three most recent releases:  "Dwell" EP (2017), single "Reconciling"  (2016), and 5-song EP "This Wind" (2016). 

Similar to her visual art, Ali describes finding “homes” within her songs—somewhere she can retreat in order to make sense of all of life's shifting tides. Her sensuously atmospheric recordings transport listeners to serene sonic landscapes, soaring above a sun-soaked valley or diving deep into a turquoise sea.

In July 2016, Ali's father was run over by a car on Southern California's I-5. Fortunately, he survived and after spending two months in the hospital next to her father’s side, Ali realized that she needed to make the most of her time on this earth. She dropped out of college, moved to Portland, Oregon, and began pursuing a life of music and art. 

2018: Ali recently returned from a month-long international tour where she played in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, and Rotterdam. She performed in over twenty venues including Fringe Festival shows, house concerts, and established music venues throughout Europe. With these new places and experiences swirling around her brain, Ali is eager to start recording her full length album in the coming months. 

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