Dwell - ep


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Love is what inspired Ali to pick up the guitar and start writing her own songs at the age of 14. Inspired by artists Laura Marling, Damien Rice, and Nick Drake, Ali wanted to evoke warmth and serenity with the finger-picked melodies she wrote. She writes all her own lyrics that circulate around the themes of nature's power, intuition, and the bliss and sorrow within relationships.  

Ali mainly plays her 414-ce Taylor Guitar, but occasionally will record her songs with the sounds of her blue Fender Stratocaster, a vocal processor, and her great grandfather's piano. Recently, Ali has become passionate about sound-recording and has taken charge of releasing her music digitally. "Reconciling" and 5-song EP "This Wind" were completely recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ali in her cozy closet nook at home.  Although this proved difficult at times with dogs barking, neighborhood kids screaming, and cars honking, Ali realized that these were all a part of the beautiful imperfections that made up the creative process.

At 19, music's inevitable pull has gifted Ali the clarity to pursue a life full of performance, songwriting, and recording. Her relationship with music is one she deeply cherishes and hopes to convey through her songs. She hopes to build a sense of community with her music and invites all artists/creators/dreamers to reach out and say hello!  

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